Your roof’s winter prep

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One important aspect of owning a home is making sure your house’s roof is ready for winter.  Snow and ice can do a number on your roof, leaving it susceptible to deterioration for the next months to come.  At The Top Restoration recommends having your roof inspected long before winter begins to creep in.

Where to begin

roof damage, roofing, roof repair, storm damageShingle roofs are susceptible to be damaged during a storm. Getting your roof inspected prior to winter can help to minimize damage on your roof.  A damaged roof can compromise the integrity of your house and the safety of your loved ones. So the question is: where to begin? At The Top Restoration recommends having your roof inspected as a first step. A professional roof inspector can detect any kind of wear and tear and foresee possible damage. Another crucial step is to fix any possible area that can allow for weakness making the roof structure susceptible to caving in under the weight of snow or heavy rain.

Inspect and repair

Once you have inspected your roof by a professional, you can rest assured that your roof will withstand a rain or snow storm. Now, there are times when inspection helps you find those problems with your roof that are not so obvious and of course, some that are easy to see. Shingles can be coming undone, weak areas where the structure has been compromised, etc.  If this were the case then repairing your roof is crucial.

Don’t wait another day!

We recommend contacting At the Top Restoration as soon as possible if there is a roof emergency orRoof repair, roof leak, roof winter prep, roof upgrade, roofing your roof needs to be repaired or prepared for winter.  There are too many unfortunate stories about roofs caving in during a snowstorm or a leaking roof during a heavy rain. Don’t wait another day to have our specialist come by to take a look and properly inspect your roof.  The future and integrity of your house or commercial building depend on it. For more information, call or visit our website today!