Winterize your roof

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Snow, for many it represents Christmas, ski season or long waited winter break. During this time of the year, we don’t tend to think of our roofs and how they are affected by heavy snowfalls. Slowly but surely, our roofs begin to deteriorate, shingles peeled off by the weight of the snow and the continuous exposure to the elements throughout time.

Winterizing equals inspection

Winter roofing, winter proof prep, roof winterizingSnow accumulates in almost any corner of your roof, creating pressure points and the possibility of your roof becoming damage. Damaged roofs can be tarped or cover in different ways to avoid water leaks, but the reality is that the integrity of your roof. How does one prevent the suffering of a leaky roof today? It is best to call an expert roof inspector that can asses the situation.  At The Top Restoration has some of the best inspectors in the area ready to schedule a visit to determine the condition of your roof.

Winterizing your roof is having it inspected by an expert early on in the year to make sure no weak areas in the rooftop are left unattended. Preparing your roofline for winter is essential to minimize damage caused by heavy rains, ice, and snow.


  • Have an experienced roofer such as At The Top Restoration inspect your roof.
  • Clear any debris off your gutters and rooftop.
  • Trees must be clear away from the structure of the house to avoid falling branches.
  • Repair minor damages early on the year.

Calling the experts

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When winter creeps in, and your roof is suffering from snow damage; calling roof experts is the best thing one can do. There are small jobs that most homeowners can do on their own, but when it comes to doing a roof inspection or a major repair, it is best to give At The Top Restoration a call. We have many years of hands-on experience repairing, inspecting and helping homeowners care for their roof. Your safety and well being of your loved ones is a priority to us. Therefore we will do the best job to ensure a pleasant winter season. Call us today or visit our website to find more information on how to schedule an inspector, a repair or a free estimate. Contact us today!