Why choose spray foam insulation?

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Insulation not only provides support for your roof, but it helps your home to handle seasonal shifts. Assure the best climate control for your home by finding the best insulation materials. At The Top Restoration highly recommends spray foam insulation. When applied correctly, insulation foam fills the space in a seamless, durable layer. The application process is rather fast, and you can enjoy the benefits of having an insulated home.

foam insulation, insulation, home remodeling, spray foam, roofing servicesBenefits of spray foam insulation

  • It dampens noise: Spray Foam when applied correctly in areas where noise leaks through; serve as a noise suppressor, not allowing sound from the exterior to disturbed your well-deserved peace.
  • Energy efficiency: One other great insulation benefit is its ability to help you save money. Spray Foam insulation will help you maintain and regulate your home’s interior temperature by not allowing heat or the cold air from your AC unit escape.
  • Allergen and moisture barrier: Spray Foam can help you eliminate the problems with allergens, dust and other articles that can cause discomfort to you and your loved ones. When applied correctly, spray foam will also help you regulate moisture coming into your home from the outside.
  • Longevity: Because Spray Foam durable, built with inert polymers and a mix of durable compounds; you will never have to worry about service or replacement.

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