Why Are My Gutters Always Clogged?

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Gutters are a key part of keeping your home safe and structurally secure, both protecting the foundation of your home as well as keeping excess moisture from coming into contact with your siding and other areas. Where most people fall short with their gutter care is simply waiting too long. A lot of this issue can be alleviated by having a regular schedule to look at your gutter installation in Nashville, but in some cases, it’s also important to know what actually goes into your gutters to get them clogged in the first place.

The Root Of Gutter Problems

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Rain Gutter Cleaning. Scooping leaves from gutter. Clean and Repair Rain Gutters and Downspout with roofer hands. Step by Step.

The most likely cause of clogged gutters year-round is proximity to plants and trees. This comes to a head during the fall, though, when leaves start falling. In some cases, your type of roof may actually impact the state of your gutters. Some homes that have flat or near-flat roofs will have a far easier time getting leaves, branches, and other matter in the gutters. This only gets worse if the gutters are neglected, as water and other pressure will pack things closer together, and animals may even make nests in the gutters.

Ice and snow can become similarly problematic, but what may surprise you is the role that your attic plays in this. An attic with poor ventilation means that more heat is able to escape up into the roof. When this happens, the heat starts melting the snow, but it then goes into the gutter and freezes up, causing potential clogs.

The Impact of Clogged Gutters

The thing about gutter trouble is that in time, it can lead to issues that are beyond what you’re able to fix yourself by just cleaning them. This means partnering with experts like At The Top Restoration. In terms of roof repair and restoration in the Nashville area,¬†we offer top quality materials and craftsmanship to help provide the best service possible. Feel free to reach out to us today if you have any questions.