What Your Coat of Paint Says About You

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The color of a house that one decides to paint in Franklin, TN may very well speak volumes about them. The whole color psychology thing is something that may very well be speculation, but if that is the case, the similarities are surely quite scary and while there may not be a full science behind it, it is a fun thing to experiment with nonetheless and see if it holds true for you.

Here are three of the most popular colors that people choose on their homes and what it might say about your personality.

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According to this color say infographic, those who paint their Franklin, TN home with a coat of white paint may be regarded as old souls and that they tend to appreciate order and elegance

You are regard etiquette and manners as being highly important and often find yourself playing the role of peacemaker in tense situations. People appreciate your ability to compromise and will often look at you to do so.

Organization is of top priority for you and you never let clutter and messiness take hold.


Those who opt for the color green are lovers of nature. They hold themselves to high morals and being a stand up member of the community, often involving themselves within it. Rarely letting things get them and never sweating the small stuff. You are environmentally conscious and wholeheartedly believe in conservation efforts. Furthermore, your love of green reflects your loyalty and reputation of which these qualities you hold to the highest standard.


Lovers of brown are able to relate to the colors simplicity and are genuine, without any ulterior motives driving their actions. You are driven to get the job done, but do it effectively and the right way, never cutting corners. Like the very brown of soil, you may enjoy gardening and being involved with dirt.

While At The Top Restoration cannot guarantee that these paint colors will accurately describe your personality, we can guarantee to provide you with the top quality craftsmanship to fit your roofing and other exterior needs, so contact us today.