What You Need to Know About Cement Siding

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With so many types of siding on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the ideal choice for your home. Cement siding is the newest material to hit the siding industry, and it’s taking off like wildfire. This is partially due to its affordable cost, and of course, its extreme durability. However, there are some downsides to concrete siding that should be considered before stripping your home’s exterior. Below are a few points to think about before installing this siding.

  • Affordability When compared to siding choices like wood or metal, the cost of cement siding is very reasonable. It typically runs between $4-$7 per square foot depending on your area’s market trends. However, cement siding is extremely heavy and can take considerable bracing that can increase the price.
  • Durability Cement siding is incredibly durable and is virtually impervious to weather, wind, or impact. It has an outstanding fire rating and is also termite and rot proof. Cement siding also resists separation due to expansion and contraction so seam leaks are not a problem.
  • Flexibility This siding material is available in multiple colors, textures, and styles to deliver the exact look you’re going for. They can replicate any type of prime material like wood, tile, or stucco, and usually, come with a warranty of around 50 years.

All-in-all, cement siding is a great choice for your home that provides years of style and protection. If you have questions about your siding options or if you would like to schedule an installation, the experts at At The Top Restoration, LLC are ready to help. Give us a call at 615-239-5812.