What is Modified Bitumen?

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Modified bitumen is one of the most exciting innovations in the roofing industry. Although it has been around since the 70s, modified bitumen is still not much known by residential and commercial property owners in Brentwood, TN.

Roofers and building owners alike are very pleased with the ease of installation and durability that modified bitumen provides. Indeed, the installation process for modified bitumen is faster and less invasive than traditional tar and gravel installation. Tar and gravel, though still an excellent option for flat roof installation, gives off noxious fumes (from the hot tar) and takes longer from start to finish. Building owners benefit from this quicker install, but they can also find benefits in its economical qualities. Although modified bitumen costs more to install, it will last 5-10 years longer on average than tar and gravel, representing substantial cost savings for homeowners. But what is it about this new material that makes it more durable and appealing for installers and homeowners alike?

Modified BitumenModified Bitumen: What You Need to Know

Modified bitumen is a variant of the popular asphalt roof. While asphalt is a form of petroleum that is mostly composed of cement and aggregates like stone and sand, modified bitumen is made up mostly of rubber. There is still some asphalt in modified bitumen to help thicken the product, and bitumen in its initial state is a bunch of very small pieces of rubber attached to sheets that are then plied onto the roof. Fundamentally, bitumen is a membrane and is applied differently than asphalt

The rubber ingredients make bitumen far more effective as a sealant. This is where the benefits of modified bitumen are experienced for the property owner because a roof that is easier to seal will in almost every instance last longer than a tar and gravel roof.

Modified bitumen roofs are one of many roof options for commercial and residential installations in Brentwood, TN. It is only suitable for flat-roofed buildings and might not be the right choice for you given your buildings features. Contact the professionals at Top Restoration to learn more about modified bitumen and the other roof restoration and installation options at your disposal.