What Is A “Storm Chaser?”

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There’s a key difference between true Tennessee roofing experts¬†and those called “storm chasers.” With winter in full swing, not being able to tell the difference could have drastic effects on the safety of your roof and your home. Not to mention, the added costs of having to redo work that’s done in a poor manner. Here’s what to look out for.

Keeping Safe

The basic element you must keep in mind is that a storm chaser is an itinerant company that specifically looks out for major storms in a region that could damage a roof, then comes in to offer cheap services. This means that they generally do slapdash work as well as work without contracts. This specifically takes advantage of the desperate, especially if other contractors are more expensive or are already booked.


Be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to roof repair contractors.

The major issue with this is that the work is rarely up to standard, as these storm chasers make their money by doing things as quickly as possible, without thinking of your long-term safety or benefit. Adding to the problem is that these individuals may ignore building codes as they work. This leaves you exposed to additional repairs, and could possibly end up voiding insurance coverage or warranties. You also have little resources to bring them to justice, as these companies tend to disappear, and you have no contract.

Proper Professionals

It’s essential that you work in your best interest when winter storms damage your roof. Don’t panic, just look for the best local contractors for the work. They have both the expertise and integrity to see you through.

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