What Goes into Your Siding Repair Quote

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When you want to install new siding or repair your home siding, it’s easy to get frustrated when you see the bill. No one likes an unexpected expense, after all. However, have you taken the time to understand exactly what makes up your quote? Figuring this out may make the difference between a job well done, and you were paying too much for a job with extras that you don’t need.

The Costs Explained

In general, you’re going to have to keep several different factors in mind when budgeting for your siding repair. For example, how large is your home? The more square footage you need to cover, the more materials you need. Installation takes longer as well, and this leads to higher labor costs. The shape of the home also determines how long the process takes. Eaves, turrets, and several stories all factor into higher prices. Also, there’s a difference between repairing and replacing siding. Removing or laying over old siding may cost you more.

The next piece of the puzzle is materials. Vinyl is the cheapest, generally, but wood, aluminum, wood, and Hardie board siding are all on the table. Which of these is the best? How much are you willing to pay? For example, wood is appealing for its aesthetic qualities, but it comes at a heavy cost. If you are trying to put up some new siding for a large home, this may not be financially viable.

Even timing makes a difference. The spring and summer months may end up being more costly due to higher of demand during these seasons.

The Ultimate Money-Saver

It’s easy to fall into the trap of rushing to the bottom when you are taking bids for vinyl siding repair or other types of siding repair. However, the way to make sure that you don’t spend any extra money is making sure you don’t have to redo your repair. This means partnering with experts like At The Top Restoration.