What Causes Roof Damage?

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Without a roof over your head, it would be difficult to have a shelter. We need roofs to protect us from the elements on a daily basis, such as snowstorms, heavy rains and the cold of the night. Structures like houses and commercial buildings benefit from a roof’s protection. At The Top Restoration can guide you through steps to prevent any kind of roof damage.

Why a roof may suffer from damageRoof damage, roof repair, roof replacement, shingles, storm damage

  • Structural issues: The integrity of a roof is imperative but it can compromise it if water damage is present, wind can also affect a roof’s health.
  • Lack of maintenance: Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your roof in great shape. It is easy to forget the roof nowadays, we work all day and come home tired, so they are the last thing on our minds. Small damages can quickly become large, and they can lead to costly repairs. Have a professional roof inspector come by once a year to ensure the roof’s structural soundness.
  • Weather: Storms can devastate a roof in a matter of minutes, especially when if neglected throughout the year. Always keep an eye on your roof and have an inspection done during warm months to prepare it for the winter ones.

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How to Prevent Roof Damage?

Roof damage prevention can be as simple as one, two, three. At The Top Restoration recommends a yearly roof inspection performed by one of our experienced inspectors. Also, paying close attention to your roof from time to time will prevent all kinds of issues from developing. Rain gutter cleaning, damage shingle repair, clearing debris from the rooftop can ensure a healthy roof. You don’t have to be an expert to do this, take a few minutes on the weekend to do it, and you may be on your way to preventing your roof from almost any damage.

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