Using a Roof to Raise Your Home’s Value

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In an everyday situation, a homeowner generally only thinks of their roof in two situations: when they first look at a house before going inside, and when something goes wrong with the roof, be it a leak or any other type of situation. While a roof may not be on your mind, investing in roof restoration for your home is a good idea. This isn’t just for your immediate benefit, but for your future benefit. If you plan on selling your home shortly, you may be a doing a lot to raise your value when you work on your roof. Here’s why this happens.

Why Is This So?

A recent survey says that a new roof increases home value by almost $12,000. This covers nearly 62.9% of the cost of the average roof installation in general. This added value comes from several different components:

Aesthetics: It may not occur to you on a daily basis, but there are all types of new asphalt roofing shingles that offer color and texture options that weren’t present before. Also, there’s a practical side of going for these nicer shingles. New advances mean that shingles are lasting longer, meaning that your potential buyer won’t have to worry about doing a home restoration on their own.

Energy Savings: Newer roofs can help you save on cooling costs, a benefit to buyers who have environmental concerns or just want to save a little on their energy bill.

Compliance: If you have an older home, working with building inspectors and appraisers can be a real headache. A roof can be functional in poor condition, but may put a halt on your sale. Better to act now if selling is on your mind.

Do Things Right

While a roof is a very important thing for a homebuyer, the only way you can convert this focus for your benefit is to make sure that you do the job properly. This means making sure that you partner with roofing experts in Nashville like At The Top Restoration. We have the expertise to handle your roofing needs.