Unique Challenges of Commercial Roofing

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commercial buildingsCommercial roofs are configured to better serve commercial buildings. They are typically designed with low slopes and unique types of roofing material. This specialized sector of the roofing industry requires niche training and experience in order to ensure successful service and repairs. Here we review the importance of choosing the right roofer.

The low slope or virtually flat slope of many commercial roofs is a feat of engineering in itself. This presents many challenges to drainage, and the systems in place to encourage proper drainage must be expertly fine tuned. If the surface of a flat roof is uneven, rain water will collect in ponds. Ponding water degrades roof material and drastically increases the likelihood of a roof leak.

The material on a commercial roof can also be a challenge. Contrary to residential roof material, commercial roof material is mostly out of sight, so some concern for aesthetics can be set aside to increase strength and functionality. This has led to the development of many practical materials, such as TPO, EPDM, and modified bitumen, that are streamlined to keep elements out and the indoor environment in.

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