4 Types of Flat Roof Coatings

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Improvements are constantly being made for flat roof coatings. Being able to waterproof a flat roof used to be extremely difficult, but with the innovations today, it’s easier now than ever before.

To choose which product goes best with your roof, you need to know about what your roof’s current condition and the application already on the roof. You will have to take time preparing your roof in order for the new product to adhere without any problems.

Chlorosulfonated Polyethene

This product is made of synthetic rubber. This rubber roof coating is made to fasten to the roof by a simple adhesive made from a solvent base. Chlorosulfonated polyethene or Hypalon can also be heated so it can join multiple sheets, together.


EPDM is also made of synthetic rubber, but it’s single-ply application makes it easier to install than other roof coatings. There are joints that come connected to the roll while at the factory, so you can save valuable time. This solution can last up to 50 years.

What is Modified Bitumen?IB Roof System

This single-ply, PVC flat roof coating is the longest-lasting roof coating. By lasting a lifetime, this ensures a better quality coating. This PVC material is still relatively new to the home improvement market. The UV rays could affect the plastic in the coating in different ways since this hasn’t been figured out yet.

Cold Liquid Applications

Cold liquid applications are easily applied to roofs by taking various products and adding them to your flat roof. These will usually last around 20 years, but are the easiest, cost-efficient, and weather-resistant solution available.

Looking for help to narrow down the types of flat roof coatings for your business can be hard. Call At the Top Restoration to speak to their contractor experts to see what information they can provide you with.