Different Types of Carport Roof Styles

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When you think of carports, you probably think of a metal structure with a roof that protects your car from the elements. While this isn’t an incorrect vision to have, you may not know that there are different styles of roofs you can choose from.

Having different roof options means that there are different advantages and costs associated with the carport. Below are some of the different types of roofs and what they may be ideal for.

Standard Roof

This type of roof is also known as a regular roof and has been the most popular choice for carports for a long time. It has rounded corners and no trim on the eaves, ridge cap, or purlins. This is a cost effective option that works best in a place like Nashville, TN that sees fair weather all year long.

sidingA-Frame Horizontal

This type of carport has a pointed roof, giving it a house-like look. It doesn’t have purlins or a ridge cap, and the sheet panels run from side to side. There is a box eave trim on the side. This option is more expensive than the standard roof and works well in areas that experience fair weather year-round.

A-Frame Vertical

The roof panels on this carport run from the pitch to the eaves and is great for use in areas that see extreme weather conditions. Because of the angle of the roof, the moisture easily runs off the top. It is more expensive than the other two options, but it can also withstand various weather conditions.

Keeping your vehicle protected from the sun and other weather conditions can be incredibly beneficial. Having a carport is a great way to do that, and the different roof styles give you different options on the best way to protect it. Depending on where you live and what you’re looking for, any of these options can be ideal.

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