Trees moss and algae

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Trees, moss, and algae can quickly deteriorate your roof if neglected for an extended period. Trees can give too much shade over the structure causing moss or algae to form. Once moss or algae have appeared then fungi can allow rust to begin dissolving your roof thus compromising its structural integrity.

Working hand in hand

The constant exposure of a rooftop to the elements brings the opportunity for damage. Unattended trees invite moss and algae to work together hand in hand to bring down your roof. Of course, At the Top Restoration recommends having your roof inspected once a year to maintain its health intact.

  • Tree Damage. Although trees are a beautiful addition to the landscape surrounding almost any homeRoof inspection, roof damage, Wind damage, Roofing, roof, roof restoration, roof repair; their limbs can cause significant damage during a storm. Trees left unattended can grow unhealthy and possibly even weak, and this condition can allow for a branch or tree to fall over your home. Keep your landscape in check to make sure trees are not growing near or over power lines thus keeping your house out of harm’s way.
  • Moss Damage.  Acting like a sponge; moss can contribute to the deterioration of your house or building. Once moss becomes established and it begins to grow, it thickens up to several inches acting as a water retainer. A large amount of moisture over your shingles regardless of their material will cause a rapid breakdown of it.
  • Algae Damage. As fungi; algae can quickly make any rooftop or wall its home, and contribute to their deterioration. It allows for rust to inhabit the roof compromising its health and integrity.

How to avoid so much damage?

At The Top Restoration recommends scheduling a yearly inspection of your roof. A professional roof inspector will be able to determine the possible areas of exposure that will suffer from damage due either by a tree, moss or algae. We have years of experience and knowledge on this matter, and we have learned that a qualified, trained technician will help you avoid your roof from being damaged. Contact us today or visit our website for more information. Scheduling a yearly roof inspection is easy and painless so call us today and enjoy knowing your roof is being cared for by professional roofers.