4 Things You Can Plant on Your Industrial Green Roof

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A green roof is a great investment for any business. They can not only lower the air conditioning costs of a business, but they can also vastly improve the quality of the work environment. However, one of the best benefits of a green roof is that it gives the employees an opportunity to plant their own plants. This gives employees a chance to grow something that they don’t have the space for at home. Green roofs are optimal for growing a number of different types of plants.

Industrial Green Roof


Chives are a great vegetable to grow on an industrial green roof. Chives take up a small amount of space and can grow in a number of different environments. They also require a large amount of sunlight, making them a great choice for a green roof with little or no shaded area.


Onions are versatile vegetables that that can be utilized in a number of dishes. They are also a solid vegetable choice for an industrial green roof. Like chives, onions require a fair bit of sunlight to grow; this makes them optimal for sun-beaten green roofs.


There are few fruits that are tastier than a freshly picked strawberry. It can be tough for people who reside in cities to grow and pick fresh strawberries. However, anyone with an industrial green roof can grow a large number of strawberries. The employees or caretaker will have to remember to water the strawberries, ensuring that they don’t dry out.


Although they aren’t edible, wildflowers can provide a touch of aesthetic appeal to a bland green roof. A couple of great wildflower choices include yarrow and atser, as they can thrive in extensive weather conditions and can grow in thin soil.

When it comes to industrial green roofs, there are is no shortage of growing options. From onions to wildflowers, green roofs offer an abundance of opportunity for employees looking to grow something.

For more information about what you can plant on an industrial green roof, feel free to contact the green roof geniuses at At The Top Restoration.