The culprits: algae, moss and trees

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Your roof is built to withstand storms, protect the integrity of your building and ensure the comfort of your family. Although your roof will last; you still need to keep an eye on it because these three culprits, algae, moss, and trees are on the prowl.  At The Top Restoration recommends scheduling yearly inspection sessions to prevent any damage to your roof. Your roof is an investment you do not want to let get damaged by exposure of the elements.

Here are three reasons to keep an eye on your roof

  • Algae can grow on your roof’s shingles in shaded areas, making roof susceptible to rotting. One way to keep algae from propagating is to prevent large tree branches or other kinds of brush providing with too much shade over the roof.
  • Moss grows easily on wooden shingles.  Spores can settle between roofing material as well, increasing mildew and moisture that can deteriorate your roof quickly. In some cases, moss can lead to accumulative damage to your roof, making prone to leaks and damaged shingles.
  • Trees are a great way to keep your house, front yard, and backyard cool during summer months; even protected during some of the winter months. But, be careful not to let large trees overpopulate roof area with large, overhanging branches to avoid moisture build up.


roof inspection, Winter roof prep, roof, roofing, roof repair, rain proofInspecting is preventing

As time passes by, your roof begins to show signs of deterioration. There are many ways to deal with preventing a possible damaged roof, and one of them is prevention.  How can you avoid a problem with your roof? At The Top Restoration recommends an inspector to take a look at your roofline on a yearly basis to maintain your roof’s integrity in excellent health.


Now, who do you call?

It is no secret that At The Top Restoration is one of the best roofing companies in the area. We are here to serve you and make sure that whatever your roofing needs are, our company will do its best to meet them.  Call today for more information or visit our website to inform yourself on how to care for your roof year in year out. Contact us now!