The art of cleaning gutters

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Cleaning your gutters should not have to be an impossible task. Instead one ought to approach it as a form of improving and maintaining the existing structure’s integrity. The art of cleaning gutters isn’t about anything but not allowing debris to accumulate and creating a blockage where rainwater should flow free away from the roof. Still, gutter clutter continues happening year after year, and for some, it is hard to stay on task maintaining their gutters clean possibly because at times it is a daunting job to do. At The top Restoration has the experience necessary to get your gutters uncluttered. Now, let’s try to understand gutters and unmystified them.

Why do gutters keep getting blocked?rain gutter, roof gutter, roof, roof restoration, roofing

Every time that the wind blows, a storm passes by, your gutters collect the debris left behind. Day by day gutters exposed to the elements weakens, becoming brittle and rusty. As they collect leaves, the moisture retained causes paint to peel and metal to uncover, thus allowing rust to set in. Gutters are meant to guide water away from your structure, but they are not designed to shed debris away from themselves.

Cleaning gutters

roof inspection, inspector, roofing, Gutter Inspection, gutters, gutter upgrade, roof, roofing, roof repair, roof installationA general approach is to carefully hop on a ladder with gloves on and a bag for the debris. It is easy to do that and to use a hose to spray the surface of the gutter to leave it clean and functional.  Homeowners and roofing companies have their approach to cleaning gutters. A power spray can be used to eliminate all debris and leave most surfaces cleaned. Some install a screen to keep channels free of debris and fallen dead leaves.


For professional cleaning, call At the top Restoration today or visit our website for more information on how to care for your roof and rain gutters. We offer free estimates on roof repairs, installation, inspections and all around maintenance. Go ahead, give us a try and call today!