Symptoms of a fatigue roof

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It is never good to wait till last minute to inspect or repair your roof.  We know there are times when one can forget to stay on top of small problems found on the roof, perhaps they are not so obvious. There are many ways to find out how your house is doing from top to bottom and having an inspector go through your roof it is one of them. An unhealthy roof structure will show different symptoms of fatigue that we must be aware of before it’s too late.

The Symptoms

roof damage, roof inspection, roof upgrade, wind damage, roofing, roof repair, roof restoration, storm damageIn some cases, roofs aren’t meant to last forever. Asphalt shingle roof generally lasts about 20 to 30 years. Even if you have a metal roof, you may find it with signs of fatigue.

  • Worn out shingles curl and lose their shape, making the roof susceptible to leaks and eventual deterioration.
  • Damaged Gutters contribute to a fatigue roofline. Remember that gutters are supposed to divert water away from the building and the roof so if they are destroyed then leading rainwater away from the roof won’t happen.

The Culprits can be hail, broken tree branches, heavy snow or age. Either way, your roof can become fatigued and collapse if neglected.

These visual indicators may also be a byproduct of the elements. For instance, hail, wind, and tree branches can lead to a faster deterioration of your roof. Even if you don’t see a leak or a damaged shingle, take a look to your roof’s structure after a severe storm.

The Solution

Now that you may have established the need for a roof repair, it’s essential to you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a roofer. At The Top Restoration has the solution; we have many years of experience installing, repairing and upgrading roofs. Visit our website for more information on how we can schedule a free estimate. Caring for your roof is caring for your loved ones and the integrity of your house. Contact us today!