Subtle Signs of a Roof Leak

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When it comes to inspecting your roof, most people are aware of the most common, obvious signs of a roof leak. Telltale signs like dripping from the ceiling, big water stains and spots, physical puddles, and noticeable discoloration, can scream like warning signals and make it very clear that you’re dealing with a water issue.

Subtle Signs of a Roof Leak

But what about the more subtle signs of a roof leak that aren’t so apparent? Do you know which ones you should be looking out for? Keep reading to discover a few not so obvious signs of a roof leak:

Curling Shingles

While most people look inside to check for signs of a leaking roof, looking at the exterior can provide you with some insight, too. Designed to protect your home from water damage, when your shingles curl up they are no longer very effective and can indicate hidden issues. 

Stains on the Walls or Ceiling

Leakage signs don’t have to be huge, bright, and immediately visible to anyone who walks into a room. They can start off as small stains that run across ceilings, walls, or can be found at the corner spot between a ceiling and a wall. 

Roof inspectionSpots on the Roof

If you notice spots on the roof coating, that could be a sign that you’re experiencing issues with poor or defective flashing. These spots usually appear when the underlying layer gets exposed to moisture.

Peeling Paint

It’s easy to disregard peeling paint and blame it on old age. But if you notice the paint on your walls or ceiling is peeling, especially in rooms with skylights, that could be a sign of a leaking roof. It’s better to be safe than sorry and stay aware once you notice this sign.


Once you notice the warning signs of a leak, it’s important to set aside other priorities and focus on inspecting your roof. Contact (615)-454-9978 or reach out online to get in touch with an experienced expert for your roof repair and roof waterproofing needs in Fairview, TN.