Post storm damage: roof inspection

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Storms can come through devouring anything in their path when left unattended or checked. Rains and snow are heavy causing damage to roofs and structures. If this is the case with your house or commercial building; At The Top Restoration recommends a roof inspection to find what kind of damage your roof has. Roof inspections are an essential step in the lifespan of any building which helps to maintain structural integrity.

What to look for during an inspection

  • Damaged Shingles – Shingles are the first to suffer during a massive storm, leaving your roofroof inspector, roof maintenance, roof upgrade, metal roof, metal roofingexposed to possible water damage. When a shingle of any type is damaged, it is recommended to replace it, but beyond that simple task; the actual roof structure must go through an inspection.
  • Debris – One other part of that inspection is looking for waste that has been deposited by the storm or large trees that can damage the house. This inspection can be done during the year and not necessarily post a storm.

Where to find a roof inspector

roof inspection, inspector, roofing, Gutter Inspection, gutters, gutter upgrade, roof, roofing, roof repair, roof installationAt The Top Restoration recommends a yearly inspection. We have some of the best inspectors in the area that can provide you with an accurate description of what is needed to get your roof or house back into working order. Our many years of experience can help you navigate through the process of an insurance claim once the damage is determined, plus our inspectors will give you an estimate of what is needed to restore your roof.

Allow us to work and guide you in the restoration of your roof.  We have qualified trained technicians that can bring you peace of mind during the unfortunate event of having your roof damaged by a storm. Our inspectors are top of their class and know how to help you navigate through some of the most challenging times of when your structure or home has been affected by a massive storm. For more information or schedule an inspector come by your house, visit our website.  Call today!