Storm Chasers vs Roof Repair Professionals

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What Is A Storm Chaser?

The last thing someone wants to do when they are working on a home improvement project is to have to do it twice. The most likely time this occurs is when you choose someone who is a poor fit for the job, and can lead to major expenses and damage to your home. In order to make sure this isn’t your fate, it’s important to avoid “storm chasers” at all costs.

In this context, a storm chaser is an itinerant company that tracks storms across your area that could lead to roof damage. Afterwards, they come to the area to offer services, but generally do the jobs extremely fast, only get paid in cash, and without contracts. Normally, people wouldn’t use businesses like these, but a damaged or destroyed roof can leave people desperate. The issue with working with a storm chaser is that even if the work is often cheaper, you’re generally getting what you pay for. In addition, your average storm chaser isn’t likely to be aware of building codes, potentially voiding your warranty or insurance coverage.

Getting True Professional Help

So, with all this said, what’s the best way to avoid finding a storm chaser when you need your roof repaired? Ideally, you want to find professionals with a good track record of positive reviews and satisfied customers. Equally important is making sure your roof repair professionals have the proper licenses, insurance, and accreditation to actually work on your roof safely. The best asset you have here is patience.

This can be difficult if you just had your roof damaged by a storm, but you still want to take your time. For example, don’t go with the cheapest option on the table or the first person that comes to your door offering to fix your roof. Simply go online and do your research on local contractors to make sure you have the best fit possible. If you can get a referral, even better.

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