Steel Roofs and Lightning

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When it comes to getting a new roof, most people will shy away from a metal one, even though there are a lot of benefits to a steel roof. More often than not, the reason is because they are afraid that a steel roof will attract lightning.

While it’s true that lightning can be attracted to metal, steel roofs do not get struck more than any other type of roof. This may be due to the fact that lightning is also attracted to thin points, high points, and structures that occupy a large ground area.

Thus, if lightning is going to strike your home, it may do so even if you don’t have a metal or steel roof but you have a really high roof. Currently, there is no material that exists that can repel lightning from striking.

Steel Roofs

silver foil insulation on ceiling roof house

The biggest thing to worry about when lightning strikes a roof is the fire that it causes. This can be incredibly destructive and life-threatening. Most roofing material will instantly combust when lightning hits it, and that’s what causes a fire to break out. If you are looking for a roofing material that won’t combust if it’s struck by lightning, then you need to consider a steel roof. Metal is naturally noncombustible.

When trying to decide what type of roof to get and whether or not it will be struck by lightning, there are some things to consider. They include the following.

How often does lightning strike in the area?

If you’re in an area that sees frequent lightning storms, the chances that you and other structures around you getting hit by lightning increases. You may need to seriously think about ways to keep your house safe so lightning doesn’t catch it on fire.

How big is your house?

If you have the biggest and tallest house in the area, the likelihood of it getting struck by lightning increases. However, this doesn’t mean that you will become a lightning magnet. Again, it depends on how frequently lightning storms hit the area. Taking precautions, such as having your metal roof grounded or installing a lightning rod, can also be beneficial.

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