Sources of Your Roof Water Damage

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Are you noticing water that is constantly getting into your roof in Franklin, TN? You aren’t alone and there are right now, many people are suffering from water damage due to their roof. Pinpointing the direct cause of one’s water damage can be a tricky task, as there are several factors which may be causing your water damage. Listed below are just some of the reasons that you or someone you know may be experiencing water damage and being forced to undergo roof repairs in Franklin, TN

Storm Damage

roof damage

Storm damage is among the most popular cause of water damage that may come through one’s roof. This occurs from high winds that can have the potential to rip shingles straight from their foundations and thus expose one’s roof to rain.

The resulting rain downpour allows for water to seep through the cracks and into your home.

Furthermore, storms have the capacity to clog your gutters with flying debris from the winds and when gutters become backed up, they are no longer able to carry excess water from your house to the ground and if this happens, water can easily back up into one’s home causing damage to their roofs, walls, and more.

While most homeowners insurance claims will cover water damage, the law varies by state and so avoidance should be the number one priority as there are examples of claims being denied.

Snow Damage

Snow damage is another popular source for water damage and this occurs once the snow begins to melt. Especially on flat roofs where snow can buildup and collect for a long period of time, the resulting melt may cause water to seep through cracks in one’s roof and enter the confines of one’s home causing damage. One should always be aware of the weather conditions present near them and take the necessary steps and precautions to avert potential water damage.

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