Skylights: amazing roof upgrade

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Skylights are nothing new. They have been used in homes for as long as anyone can remember to improve interior lighting, enhance roofline and perhaps to do some star gazing during those beautiful summers skies. Whichever the reason At The Top Restoration knows that Skylighting has been improving the lives of home dwellers throughout time.

Natural light and roofs

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Once a Skylight unit has been installed you can immediately begin to enjoy the great benefits it provides. These benefits not only improve your home’s interior and roof line but also help save money.

  • Natural lighting encourages health and relaxation
  • An added extra feature is a venting skylight which allows air circulation thus helping you reduce AC cost on days that are not so hot.
  • Best of all, skylights are appropriate for most roofing systems so no matter which type of roof you have, a skylight unit will be of great benefits to you.


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Experience You Can Count On

Anytime is a great time to have At The Top Restoration install your new Skylight unit. Our years of experience have brought the joy of having a Skylight to many of our clients. Our expert technicians are certified and trained to meet every aspect demanded by roof installations of all types. Above everything else, we strive to please and satisfied our customers; we are here to make sure you have the best experience throughout every step required to have your Skylight installed.

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