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Thermoset Vulcanized Rubber Roof Expert Installers

When building a single ply commercial roof, one of the things that a business owner should look out for are materials that have a long lifespan. When it comes to single ply commercial roofs, few materials stand the test of time as long thermoset vulcanized rubber. One of the key benefits of thermoset vulcanized rubber is that once it has cured, it becomes extremely durable. Thermoset vulcanized rubber roofs are often made of EPDM, but they can also be made out of CSPE, ECH, CR and PIB membranes. This gives the business owner a variety of options to choose from, which is always beneficial.

We at At The Top Restoration are the experienced choice for thermoset vulcanized rubber roofs in Nashville, TN, and its surrounding areas. We can oversee the entire installation process and maintenance services of your thermoset vulcanized rubber roof. If you have any questions during the process, one of our experienced contractors will always be happy to help.

Advantages of Vulcanized Rubber Roofing

Like many other single-ply roofing system materials, thermoset vulcanized rubber has a number of benefits. These benefits can be the make or break in your decision making, so it is important to know them when building a commercial roof.

Easy Restoration

Roof restoration is almost always expensive and a hassle. However, this is not the case with thermoset vulcanized rubber roofs. To restore one, a new coat adheres to the roof’s surface. This means the business does not have to close, which is always positive. For a small business owner, closing up shop for a few days can hurt the business, as it creates a period where no profit is being generated.

Premier Resistance

Although mother nature is usually brutal to commercial roofs, thermoset vulcanized rubber can withstand almost anything she throws at it. They are also beneficial if your commercial building is located in an area prone to chemical exposure, as thermoset vulcanized rubber can resist most chemicals.

Roof of the modern building with lightning protection and ventilation system


Over the years, the techniques and materials used for thermoset vulcanized rubber single ply roofs have changed immensely. These materials can last for years with proper maintenance. Thermoset vulcanized rubber roofs are the modern choice for any commercial roof system.

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