Flat roof

Single Ply Roofing Systems

When building a single ply commercial roof, you will quickly learn that there are a number of material options to choose from. Regardless of if your roof is flat or slanted, PVC single ply roofing systems are always a durable choice. PVC single ply roofs are among the most resilient of roofing systems. This roofing option also has a number of protection capabilities, as it can protect the roof system from severe storm damage.

Roofs are meant to protect us from the elements and give us peace of mind, but not all roofing systems are built equally. If your curiosity has the best of you, call At The Top Restoration. We are the number one choice Nashville, TN for PVC single ply roofs.

PVC Roofing Capabilities That Impact Your Building

Our roofing contractors take pride in their ability to progress and build each roof slightly better as time goes on. PVC single ply roofs are not exempt from this. When installing PVC roofs, we are innovative, use the highest quality materials and state of the art tools, all while practicing proper safety procedures.

PVC single ply roofing systems are popular due to their durability and long lifespan. If properly maintained, a PVC single ply roofing system can last upwards of 20 years.

However, the durability and lifespan are not the only benefits of choosing PVC.


Along with weather resistance, PVC is also highly winded, fire, and chemical resistant, adding an extra aspect of safety to the building. This is important when you have staff working in your building.


Energy Efficiency

PVC roofing systems are also extremely energy efficient, and you can expect lower utility bills after installing one. Instead of absorbing them, PVC single ply roofs reflect UV rays from the sun, allowing the building the remain at a cooler temperature.

PVC is also one of the more affordable materials for single ply roofs. Many roofing materials can be quite expensive and take long periods of time to install. PVC, on the other hand, takes a fraction of the time to install.

Call About PVC Roofing You Can Trust

We at At The Top Restoration know a thing or two about durability. When working on a commercial roof, our team of experienced contractors always keep customer satisfaction in mind. Our goal is to leave you with a product that will last and that you can be proud of. Having been the trusted choice in Nashville, TN and its surrounding areas for years, we have all the industry know how to help you choose and build the perfect roof for your commercial building.

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