3 Signs That Your Skylight Needs to be Repaired

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Skylights are a fantastic addition to practically any residential home. They add a unique ambiance to any part of the home and can make a cramped room feel open. However, like anything else, skylights can see a lot of wear and tear over time. A damaged skylight is something that should be attended to immediately, as they can damage the home or its residents. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that a damaged skylight can be identified.

Age of the Skylight

Time is a huge cause of wear and tear in a skylight. Over time, the hinges, seals, flashing or other components of the skylight become damaged. This stops them from performing at a high level. Many modern skylights are now built with a product called low-E glass and utilize high-quality flashing materials. However, these products only prolong the lifespan of the skylight, not make them impervious to damage.

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Cracks in the Skylight

If there is a crack in the plastic or glass of your skylight, that is a clear sign that it needs to be repaired. Even if the crack is small, it can quickly grow with a little bit of help from rapid weather changes and fallen debris such as rocks or branches. Cracks also lead to other forms of damage, such as leaks.

Water Stains

If there are water stains near the skylight, it is important to act quickly. Water stains are caused by issues in the seal or flashing of the skylight. This can cause parts of the roof to rot and deteriorate if not treated quickly. To identify a water stain, look for discoloration around the skylight or in areas within close proximity to the skylight.

A skylight is a wonderful addition to a home that adds a unique sense of aesthetic appeal. However, like all roofing products, skylight are prone to damage over time. Things like age, cracks and water stains are all great examples of signs that your skylight should be professionally repaired.

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