Signs Your Shingles Need to Be Replaced

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When it comes to roof insulation and protection, shingles are an important component that helps keep your roof in good condition. And to maintain a roof that’s in good condition, it’s important to look after your shingles and make sure they are still effective. Watch out for any of the common signs that your shingles might need to be replaced, which you can find below.

What Do Shingles Do?

Shingles are a critical component of a roofing system that helps protect the roof from damage and prevents water from leaking in, flowing through the home. You can find different types of shingles, including three-tab and asphalt shingles.

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Why Should You Get Them Replaced?

Why should you get your shingles replaced? Because over time, whether it’s old age, changing weather conditions, or other external factors, shingles start to wear out and become defective over time. Because they’re so critical for protecting the rest of your roof from damage, when they start to become defective, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you don’t, they could enable water and moisture to leak into your home and cause all sorts of problems, including mold, structural damage to the interior, and visible water damage. 

Keep reading to discover some of the most common signs that it’s time to get your shingles replaced:

The Edges Are Curling

If you notice signs of curling or cupping on the edges of your shingles, you’re dealing with shingles that have become defective. It’s possible that you had poor ventilation in your attic which caused a lot of heat and damaged the roof directly. They could have also worn out after being used for a long period of time, or suffered damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Regardless of what could have caused it, it’s important to get that issue addressed soon.

Your Roof is Old

If you haven’t replaced your roof in ages and the shingles haven’t been replaced, it’s time to get them replaced. Even if you don’t notice any visible signs of damage, if they’ve been working to protect your home for long (over two decades), you need to work on getting them replaced.

Shingles Are Missing

Do an inspection and check out your roof. If you notice any missing shingles, that’s not a good sign. Even if you’re only missing a couple, water could still get through that area and leak into your home, causing all sorts of  problems. 

If you’re looking to get your shingles replaced and conduct proper maintenance for your roof, contacting the roofing contractors at At The Top Restoration, and our team of professionals will help you upgrade your roof with high-quality roof waterproofing shingles.