3 Signs That You Should Repair Your Soffit and Fascia

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All homeowners know that roof maintenance is important. Many will focus on aspects like shingles, chimneys and other parts of their roof. However, many will overlook the importance of their soffit and fascia.

For those who don’t know, soffit is used to stop the rafters from deteriorating by connecting the top of the exterior wall to the roof’s outer edge.

The fascia is the vertical panel that covers the outer edge of the soffit. The fascia also provides a base for residential gutters. These parts play a key role in your roofing system and need to be properly maintained. There are a number of signs of soffit and fascia damage that a homeowner can look for.

Leaky or Clogged Gutters

Over time, residential gutters get filled up with leaves, dirt and other debris. If these gutters are not regularly cleaned, chances are that the soffit and fascia are being damaged. Excessive amounts of water can cause serious damage to soffit and fascia. By cleaning your residential gutters consistently, you are optimizing the water flow and minimizing the chances of potential damage to these areas.

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Signs of Peeling Paint

Over time, excessive contact with water can cause the fascia to deteriorate and rot. An early sign of this is peeling paint on the fascia. In this situation, it is important to do a thorough search for other signs of water damage. It is also beneficial to repaint the fascia, as it will help protect the underlying material and it will make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Soffit Staining

Another sign of water damage is stains on the soffit. If soffit comes in contact with a large amount of water, it will begin to develop brown stains on the exterior. This damage requires professional expertise, so it is best to contact a roofing professional immediately after finding stains on your soffit. This will ensure that the job is done safely and properly.

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