Signs of Roof Flashing Damage

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Your flashing is an extremely important component of your overall roofing system. It’s designed to add a roof coating protectant layer to create a barrier between your roof and the inside of your home, to prevent water from leaking in. The thin layer is designed to guide water away from your interior and leak outwards. Without it, you could experience many problems that you wouldn’t want to deal with. But even if you have a flashing system, after a heavy storm or winds, it could be damaged. Keep reading to discover some of the signs of flashing damage:


If you notice any signs of rusting or corrosion, your flashing system might not be very effective. That means it won’t be very effective at moving water away from your interior and it can leak into your home. If you notice these signs, get it checked out by a professional and get ready for a replacement. 

Roof Repair Needs

Visible Holes

If you see holes in your flashing system, there could be a variety of reasons at play. But the good news is they’re fairly easy to repair and may not require a replacement. If the damage isn’t too bad, the holes just need to be covered with the right material to prevent water damage from affecting the home.

Leaks Inside of Your Home

Another sign of damaged flashing can be seen from inside the home. Head up to your attic and see if there is any water damage or mold growing anywhere on the walls or ceiling. Your flashing is responsible for directing water away from your home, so if water is leaking through your roof, it’s safe to say you probably have a problem.

Dented Material

If you notice any dents or cracks in your flashing system, get it checked out. These are bad because they can damage the flashing’s structure and cause holes or cracks in the system, which make your roof more susceptible to leaks. Denting could have been caused by stepping on the wrong component during a roof repair or inspection, or conducting improper installations.  

If you noticed any of these signs and know it’s time to get your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced in Nashville, TN, contact the roofing contractors at At The Top Restoration. We will answer and address your comments and concerns about roof insulation, roof coating, and roof repair