Signs of Poor Window Insulation

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Getting your windows insulated is a great idea that can bring many benefits to a home. Doing so can help keep outside temperatures from affecting the temperature inside of your home, whether the outside temperature is really hot or really cold. But sometimes, even when your windows are insulated they might not be working as well as you wanted. Don’t overlook your windows — check out some of the common signs that you might be dealing with poor window insulation:

You Feel a Draft

If you feel a draft when you walk or stand by your windows, that’s a sign of poor insulation. Your windows should keep outside winds and temperatures outside, and prevent them from affecting the inside of your home.

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Water is Getting In

If you notice any signs of leakage or damage caused by water, your windows might not be keeping water out as well as you wanted. You might even notice mold growing on the sills or around the frame or damage on the walls from increased moisture. 

You Can Hear Everything Outside

Strong insulation should prevent a lot of noise from coming in from outside. If you’re able to hear everything loud and clear even when your windows are closed, that’s a sign that your windows might need better insulation. Getting replacements will help keep your home more quiet and peaceful, free of loud noise pollution from traffic, passing pedestrians, and outside construction.

Certain Rooms are Colder than Others

The temperature throughout your home should stay consistent. If you notice certain rooms are colder than others, for example, those windows might have poor insulation. You might also notice drafts coming from the windows when the weather is cold or winds are strong outside. 

You’re Paying Higher Energy Fees

When the temperature is cold outside and you’re trying to stay warm, if you have poorly insulated windows you might want to crank up the heating to stay warm. Doing so will significantly increase your heating costs and raise your utility expenses. Roof insulation is also a good investment if your energy bill has been high lately. 

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