3 Signs Your Chimney is Damaged

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The fireplace is a the focal point of a house. People will gather around it in the winter, telling stories and laughing. They bring an energy to a room that almost nothing else can. However, the fireplace is nothing without the chimney. If the chimney is clogged or damaged, it can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

It can be difficult to tell if a chimney is damaged; it isn’t always as obvious as a clog. There a couple of things that you can do to check if your chimney is in working order.

Damaged Mortar

The weakest link in the chimney is the mortar, a thick, sticky mixture of sand and cement that holds bricks together. After years of weathering, the mortar holding the chimney together will slowly crack and breakdown. These cracks are devastating to a chimney, as they allow water to seep in. The water then expands the cracks which inevitably leads to the chimney collapsing.

Cracked Crown

The crown of the chimney stops water and other debris from entering the chimney. If the crown is cracked, the water and other debris can easily enter the chimney. This can cause damage to the mortar, which as mentioned above, leads to cracks. It can also start to degrade the inside of the chimney. An easy way to avoid this is having your chimney weatherproofed.

Strong Smoky Smell

Everyone knows that fires smell like smoke. However, if your chimney is clogged, the smell can become noticeably stronger. You will also notice less smoke funneling through the flue of the chimney. To fix this you can hire a cleaning service or trying a chimney cleaning log.

A fireplace is essential to creating a warm, welcoming home. However, it can difficult to create such an ambiance if the chimney is not in working order. Be sure to keep an eye on it, as chimneys need to be taken care of and properly maintained.

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