Siding Repair After a Storm

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The weather can be so hard on our homes. When large storms full of hail and powerful winds blow through, it can cause lots of damage. From trees and other object getting blown into the house to hail causing damage, it can be frustrating to deal with a storm’s aftermath.

Impacts to Siding

Siding is often put on a house to add aesthetic appeal and to protect it from the elements. In most cases, it does that job incredibly well. Even when those giant storms move through, the siding is still doing its job and protecting your house. However, it might not come out of the ordeal unscathed.

Damaged SidingsThere are so many things that can happen to siding during a major storm in Nashville, Tennessee. This can include getting dented, getting ripped off the house, or getting holes punched through it. If any of these occur, the siding will need to be replaced.

If the siding is dented, even if it doesn’t look terrible or like it’s a big problem, it will still need to be replaced. This area can be weakened, which means that it won’t take much for more damage to occur. It’s also not possible to pull dents out of siding.

After the Storm

The first thing you’ll need to determine after your siding has been damaged by a storm is whether or not it is covered by insurance. How much will depend on a person’s policy. This could be the best way to take care of the damage, especially if it’s extensive, as this process can get costly.

After figuring out how much and if insurance will cover the damage, then you’ll need to find a professional who will be able to conduct siding work on your house. The fix may be as simple as matching and replacing a small section of siding, or it may involve redoing the entire house. Getting an inspection and estimate is important. Once that has been completed, work can begin to make your house look great and be protected once again.

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