Siding Options for Your Climate

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When you’re looking for the right siding for your home, you usually compare prices and styles. It’s not often that you think about the climate you live in an important factor when choosing siding for your home. When hiring a home and roofing contractor, make sure they know which materials work in better locations.

Whether or not you think about, the weather should be one of the top things to consider when looking at siding options.

Brick or Stone

Brick siding is very expensive, but can look great on a traditional style home. Brick and stone will do well in very humid conditions. These materials will not rot, break down under the sun’s rays, or host insects. Over time, moss may begin to grow on them and mildew can develop in areas that aren’t constantly in the sun’s light.

sidingFiber Cement

Fiber cement is a mixture of sand, wood pulp, and of course, cement. This type of material is resistant to most weather. It can resist rot, UV rays, salt, sand, and insects. With the help of the multiple materials mixed together, it creates a tougher product that can last anywhere.


Most homes in wet areas go for vinyl siding as the best choice. Vinyl is great for combating the rain, rot and humid areas. The heat and wind can’t stand up against this siding material. The only downside to vinyl is that if there is a lot of sun where you live, the color of the siding may start to fade.


Wood takes more time to maintain than other siding products. It’s prone to rot, mildew, and insect damage in warm and wet climates. There are types of wood that are better to use than others. Also, sealing the wood regularly will help combat these unfortunate elements.

If you’re not sure about the siding options available for your climate, contact your home and roofing contractor for assistance. At the Top Restoration is a great company that has experts always available to help you with your restoration questions.