Why Are Your Shingles Curling Up?

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So you’ve recently done an inspection of your roof to make sure everything’s good and in place. Good for you! Doing regular inspections is important for making sure everything is working properly so you can protect your home from leaking and water damage. 

Reasons Why Your Shingles Might Be Curling Up

Everything looks good, except for one thing – your shingles are curling up. But do you know why? Keep reading to discover a few reasons why your shingles might be curling up.

Improper Installation

Even if your roof isn’t experiencing any issues, if your shingles weren’t properly installed that can cause them to curl up and affect the general roof coating. If you use the wrong nail or the wrong number of nails for your shingles, that can lead to improper installation that later leads to your shingles curling up. 

Your Shingles Are Old

Just like how your roof gets old with age, your shingles also become weaker and slowly start to reach the end of their lifespan over time. While different types of shingles have varying lifespans, it’s recommended to replace them about every two decades. 

asphalt shinglesDuring the Winter

A phenomenon that’s commonly known as winter curling occurs when the shingles curl up during the cold winter months and flatten again during the summer. This occurs in different levels of effect, depending on the age, type, and climate affecting the shingles. 

Ventilation Issues

Another reason why your shingles are curling up might be due to problems with ventilation. Inspect your attic for signs of poor ventilation as this can lead to excessive heating and moisture, which will cause damage to your roof coating.

Low-Quality Products

It’s also possible that the shingles you had installed were made using low-quality materials or manufactured with poor attention to detail and a low level of precision. If this is the case, it’s possible that your shingles will start to become defective long before they reach the end of their expected lifespan and you’ll need roof repair or replacement services.


If you notice signs of curling, it’s recommended to contact roofing contractors who will conduct a thorough inspection of your shingles and help you determine whether or not they should be replaced. Because ineffective shingles can lead to extensive water damage to your home in Nashville, TN, it’s better to get them checked out sooner rather than later.