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A Flexible Roof Coating Material

Whether your commercial building is new or old, unpredictable weather conditions will eventually eat away at your commercial roof. From rain to snow, all of it can cause costly damage to your commercial roof.

That is why it is important to invest in a professional roof restoration. We at At The Top Restoration restore roofs through the application of roof coatings. One of the most common and flexible roof coating materials is polyurea. Polyurea roof coating is a common choice thanks to its ability to be applied to almost any material, including wood, concrete, and metal. It is also a popular choice thanks to its speedy curing time. The team here at At The Top Restoration has years of experience working on commercial roof restorations and polyurea coatings. Our team can provide you with the hands-on knowledge that you need.

Benefits of Polyurea Roof Coating

There are a number of reasons why polyurea is one of the most popular choices for commercial roof coating. One of the more prominent reasons is that its water repellant. This is always good for business owners who have faced rusting or corroded roofs in the past.

However, it is not as well known that polyurea roof coatings also chemical and storm damage resistant. Storms can leave roofs filled with pooling water and unwanted debris, which can lead to various molds or corrosion. After a polyurea roof coating has been installed, mold and storms are nothing to worry about.

Due to its reflective properties, polyurea coatings can also turn your standard commercial roof into a cool roof. Cool roofs create a layer that protects the building from the sun’s UV rays. In turn, this keeps the building much cooler and lowers air conditioning costs significantly. It may even rid the need to have an air conditioning unit. This allows the business to invest the money elsewhere.

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At The Top Restoration, LLC is the trusted choice for roof restoration in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team has the perfect mix of can-do attitude and industry knowledge to get the job done correctly. Our number one priority is putting the customer first, and we are always happy to listen to your needs so we can provide an unmatched roof restoration. This is what has made At The Top Restoration a respected name in the roofing community.

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