Is a Roof Leak an Emergency?

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Did Your Home Spring a Leak?

Very few things are as problematic as walking into a roof and feeling a drip from the ceiling. A roof leak is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, but there are a few things that a homeowner can do while they wait for professional service or roof repair.

Roof Leak

Locate the Source of the Roof Leak

Until a homeowner determines the source of a leak, any stopgap repairs that the homeowner attempts will be for naught. Water can work its way far from the original source, and it may take some time for homeowners to trace the leak to its original source.

Homeowners should start inside the house, ensuring that the source of the leak is the roof itself, and not a different problem within the home’s interior. Common culprits for household leaks can include excess condensation, HVAC issues, plumbing problems, and clogging or backflow from gutters.

Locating the leak will likely take some work. Homeowners may have to remove drywall or ceiling tiles to find the source of the leak. While this is tedious, it will also potentially help dry out space that has been exposed to excess water or moisture.

Do Not Go Onto a Wet Roof

As a temporary solution, homeowners can place a tarp over a gap in the roof. A tarp is an easy, quick solution until a roofing professional can arrive.

roof leakHomeowners should, of course, wait for the rain or snow to let up before going onto their roof. They should also exercise all safety precautions, including wearing slip-resistant footwear and securing the ladder to the side of the home, in the event of wind.

People who are not comfortable being on their roof should obviously not go out to try and stem a roof leak.

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