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Professional Roof Inspection

While it seems clear to most people that inspecting their roof occasionally is a good idea, the problem is how difficult it is for the untrained eye to recognize signs of deterioration and decline. And even if you can tell there is a problem, it can be extremely tricky to figure out the full extent of the issue. Even with a careful visual inspection, many aspects of chimney damage are very challenging to identify for those not trained in the area. If you have any reason to suspect your roof is not holding up as it should, or that it has sustained weather damage or anything else that may compromise its effectiveness, you should contact us at At The Top Restoration, your roofing repair and installation experts for the Nashville area.

Roof Inspection and Its Advantages

Having your roof inspected periodically is simply good practice for any home or business owner. Qualified roofing professionals are trained to identify any current problems, signs of damage or indications that your roof is not performing exactly as it should. A comprehensive inspection will encompass all facets of your roofing system, from the soffits, fascia, seals, and structure to the gutters, chimney, and actual roofing materials. Ensuring all facets of your roof are in good working condition is a crucial step in protecting your home, garage, office, or vacation property from the harmful effects of time, weather, and any of the multitude of other causes of damage.

Upon a completed inspection you will receive a full report of all weak points, warning signs, and damage, along with a general recommendation for repairs or replacement. We recommend having your roof inspected and maintained at least once per year, with additional inspections following particularly extreme weather systems.

Regular inspections can save you time and money both now and down the road, and dealing with issues before they get worse will greatly extend the overall longevity of your roof. It is important to make sure all damage is repaired before the next storm hits, as a compromised roof is even more vulnerable to serious damage. Just because your roof looks okay from a distance doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden issues that could eventually become big problems.

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Our experienced team of roofing contractors knows exactly what to look for when inspecting a roof for hidden damage or less than apparent malfunctions. Give At The Top Restoration a call at 615-824-1500 to schedule your latest roof inspection, and gain the peace of mind that comes from having a comprehensive report on the current state of your home’s most important safeguard!