What Does Roof Flashing Do?

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Is Your Home Fully Protected from Water and Flood Damage?

A popular addition to many homes is roof flashing, which installers use as an extra measure to guide water away from seams on the home – particularly on the roof around chimneys or vents. People who live in areas of the country that see more rain or storm conditions may want to consider having flashing installed on certain spots of their home, in the interest of better protection against water or flood damage.

What Is the Purpose of Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a flat, thin, weatherproof material that wicks away water and moisture. Combined with a good, properly-installed underlayment, flashing will help prevent water from working its way underneath shingles and damage the structure of a home.

Traditionally, roof flashing is constructed from metals like aluminum, copper, or galvanized/stainless steel. Most homes use flashing around chimneys, doors, gutters, and windows. The idea is to place flashing on any exterior joint in which water needs to be run off.

Where Is Roof Flashing Most Effective?

Flashing is crucial to certain portions of the roof. For instance, any place in which the roof surface connects with a wall (such as front walls and sidewalls), the valley where two low points between two roof slopes meet, edges such as eaves, and any protrusions such as bathroom vents or skylights.

Damaged roof flashing

Roof flashing is unique on each home, as professional installers will always tailor flashing to the home’s particular features and architecture.  The type of shingles on the home, as well as the home’s exterior style and aesthetic, will all play roles in determining the most appropriate flashing for a given roof.

The best professionals will be able to make a strong recommendation on where roof flashing will be most effective at preventing water intrusion.

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