What Roof Damage To Look For This Summer

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You might not want to think about it now, but you can’t ignore the fact that come summertime, your roof is not going to look as good as it did before the winter and spring have come and gone. Indeed, even if you love the rain, it takes a toll on your property.

When it comes to your property, the roof is the most expensive element in your home’s architecture and it experiences wear every spring. The fact is that all roofs can suffer some kind of damage from rainy conditions, which is why you might as well start thinking ahead to the summer about what sorts of damage to expect on your roof. Here’s where you want to look out for damage:


All roofs erode faster when exposed to more rain, and winter is the rainy season in Nashville. Erosion does not ignore any material, whether it’s modified bitum, 3 tab shingles or metal industrial roofing. Each material has its own indicators of erosion, which roofing restoration and installation companies are trained to spot.

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Damage from the Elements

Rain moves organic materials. In heavy rain storms, you might get branches or, in the worse case, full arms of a tree falling on your roof. Without checking to see what’s gathered on your roof during the winter and spring, you risk having a build-up of potentially damaging materials (either because of their weight or shape).

Roofs Require Attention

Roofs will pick up some damage every single year no matter what.  Homeowners should determine how much damage is picked up by checking for issues in the summer and preparing roofs appropriately for winter.

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