3 Types of Roof Coating Systems

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Roof coatings are put in place to extend your roof’s lifespan. Roof coating systems can be placed over the top of any roof by avoiding removing the old roof. They are energy-efficient options that can also waterproof your commercial roof. The three most popular roof coating systems for flat roofs are ones without fabric reinforcement, standard reinforced systems, and compliant acrylic elastomeric.

Systems Without Fabric Reinforcement

Most businesses that install roof coating systems without fabric reinforcement are doing so for design purposes. Adding this type of system to a roof that is fairly new can add to the roof’s life expectancy. If this is installed to an older roof in poor condition, it’s functionality will be limited.

Waterproof system Standard Reinforced Systems

Standard reinforced roof coating systems have multiple layers of fabric installed over the roof itself. Usually made up of polyester, these layers can meld together to cure until it’s time to add the roof coating. 

The most popular color these roofs come in is white, as it reflects the sunlight better, which will keep energy costs lower than a darker roof.

Compliant Acrylic Elastomeric Systems

Compliant acrylic elastomeric or “cool roof” systems are valuable to have included on your roof. This coating system can act as a breather between your roof and the outdoor elements, like rain and sunlight.

Unfortunately, these roof coating systems do not last as long as the other two mentioned. You will need to re-coat the system every five to ten years depending on the area your business is in. If you continuously re-coat this roof, the lifespan of your roof can greatly improve.

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