Roof Alterations That Can Impact Your Homeowners Insurance

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Many homeowners will do home improvements such as a roof renovation, gutter repair, or perhaps installing an in-ground swimming pool in the interest of not only making their home more comfortable but also increasing the home’s value. While homeowners make these renovations with the best intentions, major renovations can easily impact a homeowner’s insurance policy.

While owning a home can come with a never-ending list of responsibilities, one of the more important things that a homeowner needs to do is periodically touch base with her or his insurance agent, and make certain that a home improvement project is not going to drastically affect their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Actual Costs of an Average Roof Renovation

Consider, for example, the added value of re-framing a home’s roof. This figure can fluctuate quite a bit regionally, but the current national average for a complete roof renovation lands between $9,000 – $13,000. This is just for the materials and labor on the frame of the roof and doesn’t include higher-end improvements such as a slate or tile roofing finish.

roof alterations

Slate or tile roofing could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000 to install, depending again on the quality of the material, the expertise of the installers, and the region.

This could add significantly to a home’s worth, and this sort of investment is one that any smart homeowner will want to protect with adequate insurance coverage.

By failing to keep adequate coverage on a home, a homeowner exposes her or himself to potential losses in the event of damages. Any time a homeowner opts to upgrade their home or add to it, one of the first calls that he or she should make is to their insurance agents. In some cases, a potential addition might not make sense in the short-term, after the hard figures come in.

At the same time, certain upgrades can actually lower a homeowner’s premiums. These are potential monthly savings that may make a roof renovation or upgrade well worth the investment cost. Again, reaching out to an insurance provider is the best way to know which decision makes the most sense for the homeowner.

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