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Skylight Installation Specialists

A skylight is a wonderful addition to any home, business, or vacation property. It promotes an open feeling, brightens the room and can add a stylish look. The additional natural light can help warm the interior of the building and reduce the need for electric lighting, ultimately lowering your overall energy costs. Adding a connection to the outdoors completely changes the feel of the room, one of many reasons skylights are such a popular feature of today’s homes.
However, the location of a skylight makes it naturally susceptible to the elements, and they are easily damaged by severe weather such as strong rain, heavy winds, hail, or large amounts of snow or sleet. Different models will offer varying levels of durability and efficiency, but all skylights need to be monitored closely for problems. With no buffer between a skylight and the main living areas of your home, even the slightest crack or leak will immediately result in big issues. At The Top Restoration is the premier roofing contractor in Nashville, and we specialize in skylight installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. If you have any concerns about your skylight or are considering having one installed, call us for a free consultation.

Clear Signs You Need Skylight Repair

Since skylights are obviously quite visible, sometimes it can be very easy to spot damage or problem areas. Other issues, however, can be less apparent and may require a trained eye to identify. In either case, it is important to apply any fixes as soon as possible to minimize the potential damage to other parts of your home. There are a few key things to look for:


As with any roofing product, the effectiveness and durability of skylights begin to deteriorate over time. Modern skylights featuring low-E glass and higher quality flashing materials will last longer than older models which often experience flashing corrosion, but all have a finite lifespan.


While some skylights are made of plastic and others glass, either one is capable of developing cracks. Heavy rain, hail, tree branches, and high winds are just a few of the possible causes but, regardless of their origin, all cracks should be repaired immediately to limit additional damage.


Skylight condensation is a sure sign of issues with either seals or flashing.

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Water Stains

By the time actual water stains have appeared you certainly have some damage or defect serious enough to require professional repair.

If you suspect your skylight is falling into disrepair, don’t hesitate to contact us at 615-824-1500 as soon as possible, so our expert team at At The Top Restoration can take care of any issues before they turn into serious problems!