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Essential Roof Components

Soffits and fascia are two critical components of a healthy, well-functioning roof. If either one is not working properly it can seriously compromise the efficiency and even safety of your roof.

Soffit Repair Services

Your soffit will need infrequent maintenance or replacement just like any other piece of your roofing. If you have detected any of these indicators, call us for repairs now. 


Soffits connect the top of a building’s exterior wall to the outer edge of the roof. They are often referred to as “eaves”, and serve to bridge the gap between the house and limit of the roof. Their main function is to protect the rafters from degradation.


The fascia, on the other hand, is the term used to describe the vertical panel covering the outermost edge of the soffit. This is the part most visible from a distance, while the soffit is mostly hidden underneath. The fascia protects the sides of the roof and provides a base for the rain gutters.

Soffits and Fascia Inspection

Both soffits and fascia need to be inspected regularly to guard against damage, corrosion, mold or rot, any of which can lead to moisture leaks, structural decay, or open your roof up to pests. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or recognize problems in the performance of your roof or eaves, it pays to contact us at At The Top Restoration to speak with one of our repair specialists who can answer questions, offer advice and suggest a course of action. There are a number of tell-tale signs of soffit and fascia damage to watch for:

Gutter Leak

Malfunctioning or clogged gutters are certain to cause soffit damage over time due to excess water damage. It is important to keep your gutters clean, free of debris and in good working condition to protect these other important parts of your roof. Serving as the base for the rain gutters, fascia is particularly susceptible to water damage from poorly maintained gutters.

Peeling Paint

When the paint starts peeling off your fascia you can consider this advance warning of water damage or rot. If you notice this you should start a more thorough inspection and, at the minimum, repaint in order to protect the underlying material.


If a roof leak has begun to cause a problem you will typically notice brown stains on the soffit. Once water damage has begun the soffit is at risk of rot and further damage, so you should make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible.


Roof leaks or damaged gutters cause water damage, and if this persists long enough the soffit material will actually buckle. This means the issue is fairly advanced and should be addressed immediately.

Roof repair

Deterioration of your soffits or fascia should not be ignored since they serve to protect many other areas of the home. Call us today at 615-824-1500 for a free consultation, or to book an inspection or repair. Don’t let small problems become big problems!