Remodeling Tips to Use Before Roof Renovation

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Ready to Remodel Your Roof?

Before a homeowner begins a roof remodeling job, there are a few questions that he or she should ask:

  • How much money is available for roof remodeling?
  • Which materials will be necessary to do the remodeling?
  • Who is the best roof renovation company for the job?

Once a homeowner or family has considered these three questions, they can move forward with the roof renovation project.

Other Key Considerations for Roof Remodeling

roof remodeling


A roof accounts for up to 40% of a home’s exterior. As such, a homeowner should really give some thought to the style of roof that she or he wants to have, as well as which style will potentially make the house most attractive if and when the homeowner wants to test it on the market. Homeowners can investigate online, or speak with a local realtor, about the most appealing roofing options.

Do a Multi-Point Inspection

Homeowners should see what they’re working with before ordering a roof remodeling, doing a thorough visual inspection from both on the roof and from afar. Check the roof out with a pair of binoculars from a safe distance. Also check from inside with a flashlight to ensure that the roof has no leaks. And of course, it’s always a good idea to have a professional do an inspection before authorizing a big renovation or remodeling job.

Check in with the Local Municipality

Before beginning a job, homeowners should make sure to contact the local municipality to make sure their planned remodeling project is entirely within code. For example, certain roofs can only be covered so many times with additional materials. This is often two additional layers on top of the base layer.  An old layer may need to be removed first, which could affect the budget.

Contact At the Top Restoration for Any Roofing Needs

Customers with additional questions about roof remodeling or repair can speak with the pros at At the Top Restoration today. Our knowledgeable, professional team will be able to handle any and all concerns related to roof restoration, replacement, or remodeling.