Reasons to call a roof inspector

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Roofs, in general, are what protects our homes, investments, and family from the elements; storms come crashing in, but we make it through because of our roofs. Although this is the case for most families and businesses; this artificial structures that hold shingles and keep us safe, are often neglected.

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Tiny problems may quickly escalate faster than you think, and when neglected; they become a nuisance.

Water could seep down and ruin insulation, decks below, and cause interior damage. All these problems accumulate, and a homeowner ends up spending a significant amount of money to restore the damage. At The Top Restoration recommends scheduling a yearly roof inspection to stay aware of the health of your roof.

  • A damaged roof is vulnerable A roof that has already sustained damage or shows signs of deterioration will break down at a rapid speed. Gaps between shingles increase giving water the room to sip through and concentrate in low areas. Shingles can fall off the roof’s structure, and this compromises its integrity. Don’t wait until this happens; call AT The Top Restoration today!
  • Minor repairs have gone major Time after time many homeowners make a mistake to wait to fix minor roof damages sustained during a storm and while waiting for the right time to make these repairs; these minor repairs turn into major ones. To avoid this type of mistake, one should take the time to repair small damages by calling an expert such as At The Top Restoration.

Please contact us if you see any signs of damage to your roof or call us to schedule a roof inspection.  For more information on a free estimate; visit our website. Some problems are invisible unless you know where to look, but our trained technicians will walk with you during the inspection and immediately show you potentially damaged areas.  Contact us today!