Reasons a Chimney Might Leak

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Having a fireplace with a chimney in your home can add something extra. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a fire on a chilly day or the smell of wood burning. Of course, with a chimney comes the chance that it could leak.

There are some common reasons that a chimney might leak. To find out which issue is causing your problem, you may need to have a professional come in and do a roof inspection in Fairview, TN.

Chimney Cap

If your chimney cap is missing or damaged, this could lead to the chimney leaking. The role of this item is to keep debris, animals, and rain from getting into this space. If the chimney cap is in place, then ensuring that it isn’t cracked or damaged is beneficial. If this doesn’t get fixed, it can lead to more costly damage occurring.

chimney repairChimney Crown

Your concrete chimney crown can shrink, crack, or wear out with age. If cracks appear, this can allow water to seep into the area and get into the rest of the house. If the water happens to freeze and expand in these cracks, it can cause further damage.

The repair for cracks in the chimney crown may be as easy as sealing or patching the issues. However, if there is structural damage, then it may require the masonry to be replaced.


This is the item that is installed at the base of the chimney where the brick meets the roofing material. If it doesn’t have the proper overlapping, which would have occurred during installation, then it could leak. In addition, if the sealant or caulking gives way, this can also cause a leak.

Chimney Liner

On occasion, gas fumes can cause condensation to build up on the inside of the chimney. If the liner doesn’t fit correctly or has corroded or developed holes, this can cause the moisture to soak into the bricks or parts of the home that aren’t covered by the liner.

If you’re experiencing issues with leaks in your chimney, call At the Top Restoration and have them come out to find out why.