Protecting Your Roof From the Winter

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Of all the seasons that Mother Nature throws at us, winter is by far the most brutal. The frigid nights and the frostbitten mornings put a beating on not only our bodies but our houses. The part of the house most prone to damage in the winter is the roof. This is thanks to heavy winds, snowfalls, and other unexpected weather. The weight of all the weather can be a little too much for roofs at times. Thankfully, there are a number of things that can be done in the summer and autumn that can lower the chances of potential roof damage.

Visual Inspection

If you are able to access the roof yourself, be sure to inspect any penetrations on the roof. Keep an eye on pitch pockets, vent pipes, and pipe boots. Also be sure to inspect the flashings and joints for deterioration. If you do not have access to the roof or are unable to properly identify any problems, many roofing companies offer inspections and can give you an update on the status of the roof.

Protecting Your Roof From the Winter

Mountain cottage chimney made of bricks on the roof

Clean Gutters

No one enjoys it, but it must be done. Cleaning the gutters allows for a proper flow of water off of the roof. If the gutters are not clean, there is potential for overflowing. In the winter months, this can lead to dangerous icicles if left unattended.

Sweep Roof

Sweeping the roof ensures that any debris or grit that has landed off the roof will not cause any issues in the future. Debris can eventually grow into mold which causes the roof to rot, which leads to expensive repairs.

Protecting the roof from winter is a hefty but necessary job. It can give the homeowner peace of mind and let them enjoy the positive aspects of winter like snowball fights, tobogganing, and hot chocolate instead.

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