Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Wind Damage

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Best Tactics for Mitigating Wind Damage to a Roof

Homeowners who expect to receive or have received heavy winds are always encouraged to give their roof a once-over before and after a storm hits, just to be certain that no wind damage has occurred.

Below are a few additional ideas homeowners will want to try before experiencing heavy wind:

Secure Shingles

Most professional roofers agree that even if wood or asphalt shingles have no come off of a roof, it’s still best for homeowners to have their roof professional inspected prior to rainy or windy seasons.

Shingles lost from heavy wind expose a home to structural damage from rain and other elements. This could create a need for emergency roof repair. Re-securing shingles before and after a storm is the main way homeowners with shingled roofing can mitigate wind damage.

All shingles should take no less than six nails. Homeowners or roofers should install the nails or staples underneath the edge of overlapping shingles for added security. Smart homeowners will also want to install a waterproof underlayment below the shingles for additional rain and water protection.

Fasten Down Metal Roofing

Wind DamageDamaging winds can rip away entire metal panels, which in turn allows heavy wind to attack the home’s infrastructure. Contractors or homeowners should re-secure metal roofing to the house’s frame with bolts, concealed clips, or screws.

Remove Trees That Can Cause Damage

Any trees that are close enough to the home to hit through the roof should be trimmed or removed. As a rule of thumb, a tree should be rooted further from the home than the tree’s full height when grown. The cost to remove a tree can vary a bit based on location and region.

Tie Down Potential Projectiles

Lighter but damaging outdoor pieces such as storage sheds should be securely anchored to a foundation. Patio furniture, grills, and other outdoor furniture should also be bolted down if a home is expected to experience hurricane or tropical storm-level winds.

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